Obscure Knowledge - Twelve Apostles

by PenguinsMeercats

No, Jude the Obscure isn't one of the Apostles.
Which Country: European Landmarks

by alvir28

If you're going to visit these places, it's a good idea to at least know which country they're in.
'10s Movies by Quote

by minshkins

These movies may be recent, but some of their lines have already made a lasting impression.
Sunday's QuizzesDec 22
Who's That with Tom Hanks?

by aglick

These people can all tell Tom, "Hanks for the memories."
Erase Asia (No Skips)

by goc3

The good news is that a few countries are hard to miss.
Celebrity Sorting VIII

by WalshyMusic

What's their claim to fame?
Three Words That Best Describe the Grinch

by HPGirl

They definitely aren't 'sweet', 'kind', and 'thoughtful'.
-ent Definitions

by NO_r_WAY

No, we're not talking about Treebeard. Different sort of ent here.
Sunday Crossword: Christmas Groups

by Purple_Parrot

We know you love crosswords, so here's an early Christmas present.
#17 Athletes

by NYYanks

If you like athletes wearing prime numbers, this quiz is for you.
NFL Rushing Yard Leaders by Team

by El_Dandy

We guess you could say these guys had a good run.
Movie Title Actors (A-Z) III

by LTH

We just noticed that the "III" in the quiz title looks a lot like Wolverine's claws.
Saturday's QuizzesDec 21
Find the Sporcle Globes

by FilipinoBreloom

It's like a really meta version of Where's Waldo.
Two 'B' Words by One Hint II

by DesertSpartan

A single hint is all it takes.
Star Wars or Marvel Character?

by Yankees2003

Luke! How'd you sneak into the MCU?
Pick 3 Members of Bands

by shirleyalpha

We couldn't put Daft Punk in this quiz because they don't have enough members.
Those 12 Flags: Scientists

by Flick

Combining science & geography can be confusing if you regularly confuse DNA with DRC.
Africa Map: Capitals Not Welcome

by metashades

Depending on which part of Africa you visit, you might be welcome to the jungle, though.
Saturday Sudoku XXVIII

by noahthis

Does zero feel left out when 1-9 get so much attention in these puzzles?
4 Books, 1 Thing in Common II

by jakethegoldfish

"Contains words printed on paper" could probably work for all of them.
Typing Challenge: A Christmas Carol

by Propellerhead

Scrooge didn't have typing challenges in his day, but we hear he was pretty fast with his quill.
Friday's QuizzesDec 20
Star Wars 7-to-1

by samc67

It's better to practice with your lightsaber outdoors. Far lower wall-repair costs that way.
US States Without 'C' Minefield

by goc3

Florida has plenty of vitamin C. Does that count?
4x4 Image Crossword: TV Shows

by bhenderson79

Did you ever expect your binge-watching to help you solve a puzzle?
Pick 5 in 15: Cats!

by MSUKent

We would definitely pick this cat. Look at how cute it is!
Logos Through the Ages: Texaco

by Darzlat

Even more shocking would be their fuel prices through the ages.
History Books: The Subtitles VII

by MoMosMoProblems

Since this is the 7th entry in the series, we guess you could say that history repeats itself.
Harry Potter: Most Lines in Every Chapter (Book 3)

by Doctor_Arzt

We feel like Buckbeak really needed more lines.
Right or Wrong Christmas Song?

by Joshie_the_great

We hope you find a perfect quiz score in your stocking.
Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Characters

by SporcleEXP

Probably want to avoid the comments, lest there be spoilers.
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